About The Group
Runmei (Fujian) Paper Co.,Ltd.

Runmei,a subsidiary of Frog Prince Group, was founded in 2013 with a plant area of nearly 30 ,000 square meters, with an annual capacity of 500 million pieces of diapers, 300 million packs of wipes, and 300 million disposable adult and child masks. We have medical product certification and ISO quality management system certification, medical device license, 100 ,000 grade of purification workshop and automatic production equipment, microbial testing laboratory and various high - end testing instruments, and win the evaluation of "Disposable Health Products Medical Demonstration Unit" in 2021. We can produce a variety of cleaning, antibacterial, makeup removal, disinfection and other functional wipes.Disinfection sanitary wipes antibacterial power of 99.9 % ;And medical grade standard diaper and mask have obtained the CE certification of medical mask . We are one of the first national standards for child masks in China.


Development History
Founded in 2013, it is an enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales.
Responding to the government's call to produce masks, and won the honor of "advanced model in fighting against the new crown pneumonia epidemic"
Add cotton towel production line
80 acres of sanitary products industrial park under construction
Quality management system certification
Halal certificate
Member of the first Council of Fujian Medical Device Industry Association Quality Management Branch
2018 Excellent enterprise of sanitary products technology innovation
25/5000 Director unit of Zhangzhou Infant and Child Industry Alliance Association from 2020 to 2024
Member of the fifth Council of China Industrial Textile Association in 2021
ISO certification in 2022
Alibaba Jinpincheng Enterprise Certificate
Halal certificate
Health license for the manufacturer of disinfection products
Certificate of Medical demonstration Unit for Disposable sanitary articles
Medical grade product certification
Medical grade product certification
Medical device manufacturing license
Zhangzhou shou contract heavy credit enterprise
Quality management system certification