Talent Concept

Runmei always adheres to the management concept of "people-oriented", and takes this as the starting point and center to work around stimulating and mobilizing people's enthusiasm, initiative and creativity. Runmei insists that "everyone who works seriously deserves to be taken seriously! "To give every employee who works hard full support and corresponding return. Here, employees can fully display their talents and achieve themselves.

Compensation And Benefits
Five Insurances And One Fund
In order to better relieve the worries of employees' life, the company pays endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, maternity insurance, industrial injury insurance and housing provident fund for employees, and the specific standard is in accordance with the payment proportion specified in the local regulations.
Work Environment
The company's office environment is elegant, the basic office facilities are perfect, the team unity and mutual assistance, concerted efforts.
Year End Bonus
Including basic year-end and benefit year-end, the benefit year-end bonus shall be distributed according to the overall operation performance of the enterprise.
Post Salary
According to the job responsibility, job value, combined with the individual skill level of employees.
The company is equipped with staff canteen, regularly change the nutritional menu, provide a good dining environment, so that staff have no worries during work.
Overtime Allowance
Overtime work performed by employees outside legal working hours in order to achieve performance in return for bonuses or commissions.
Achievement Bonus
The one-time reward, which is linked to the company's performance, department's performance and individual's performance, is a floating income.
Company Benefits
On important holidays and festivals, we will provide gifts and organize birthday parties for employees to celebrate their birthdays.
Provide employee allowance and welfare.
Apply Process
The CV
The CV
Please send your resume to 2856443924@qq.com with the subject of "Apply for XX position".
Arrange the interview
Arrange the interview
For those who meet the requirements, the company will contact by phone to arrange an interview;
Offer to issue
Offer to issue
After the employment is confirmed, the HR of the company will officially notify the employment by phone.
The company to report for duty
The company to report for duty
After both parties confirm the intention, the applicant shall report to the company with valid documents.
Application Matters
The interview data

1. Original id card, education certificate and other certificates;

2. Detailed resume;

3. Award certificate and personal works.

The position information

1. Original and one copy of all certificates (graduation certificate, degree certificate, professional title certificate, ID card and other certificates, relevant certificates);

2. Two one-inch color photographs;

3. Resignation certificate from previous employer (resignation certificate issued by resignation employer or hr department).

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